Heejai Park

Heejai Park is a graphic designer based in LA and Seoul. She is currently studying at Artcenter College of Design.


[Selected Work]

1. Sprouts
2. Usps Rebranding
3. Time and Space
4. Kaboom
5. Boring Surface




Brand Identity, 2023

KABOOM! is an American non-profit organization that helps communities build playgrounds for children.It unites with communities to build kid designed playspaces. The story I want to convey through the identity system isone of energetic evolution and inclusive play. I aim to highlight Kaboom’s innovative approach to creating safe and engaging play spaces that empower children of all abilities. The brand will emphasize community collaboration, show casing how local involvement leads to impactful and lasting change. Through vibrant visuals and creative design elements, I want to inspire a sense of joy, creativity, and freedom in every play environment we create.